Friday, 20 February 2015

NZ dotterel

WALT:look beyond the text.

A dotterel Is a type of bird which is native to New Zealand which is an endanger spices.NZ dotterel a shorebirds , usually found on sandy beaches and sandspits or feeding on tidal estuaries.They are Their camouflage colours make them difficult.

I learnt alot about this native bird that means that when you are at the beach you alway have to be careful . 

Chicken Flavoured Worms

WALT:write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Have you ever tasted chicken flavoured worms before?

Sounds super weird, but that is what our teacher Mr Goodwin got us to do today. let me explain the strangest day of my life.

For this work we had to do an introduction but not a normal we had to write 3 sentences and the first one was a Question. Then a complex sentences. And last of A short sentences but a hook.

this was marked by yvonne

Friday, 13 February 2015


WALT:Follow the structure of a recount to produce a piece of writing. 

On Monday the whole of the senior group went to the Duffy show.the Duffy show was held in our school hall.the Duffy show is show that encourages people to read and they travel around the whole of New Zealand just to teach kid to read.and they are so talented.

First we went to class to get lined and to get ready to go the Duffy show. when we got to our school hall we all sat down and we played a game of simon say’s. then Duffy walked in and the actors introduced themselves. Then we sang the Duffy song, and then the play began.

The show was about a girl named Sienna  who didn’t know how to read and didn’t like to read. so Duffy was trying to help siena but she all was said that she likes television. so then Duffy took siena to the library and ask her what siena like to watch harry potter and so Duffy went and look for a harry potter. Duffy found the book and gave it to siena and she said thank you. Then she wanted to read a dinosaur book. Then she realized that her Interest were gardening.

Then the show wrapped up and we all lined up and quietly walked back to class and we got our bag and we all said “Good afternoon Mr Somerville.”

I felt happy about the Duffy show and hope maybe next year they come back. 

For this task I have learned how helpful reading is from the Duffy show, the task asked us to write a proper detail


Wednesday, 11 February 2015


For This presentation I learnt how to predict and to list possible outcomes

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hokey Pokey

WALT: follow instructions and complete task to a high Stansted  

For this presentation I learnt how to not use themes and try to make It look good with a white background. Our task was to make a presentation about our groups.