Wednesday, 15 June 2016

"Language Features"

Today in class wee had to complete our presentation. The presentation was about similes, Metaphors,  Onomatopoeia and last of all Alliteration. Our teacher Mrs Tela'a  gave us this task so that we understand what they mean, And also when we go collage we will be able to understand what they mean.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Circus Lions (Kiwi Kids News)

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Today I read a sad article about these circus lions which was in the circus for about 5 - 7 years and they have all been treated bad. The way they were treated was very sad and heart breaking because they had their claws chopped off also one lion had one eye missing and one lion was almost blind and last of all their teeth was broken. But on the good side they will be returned back to africa but they will not be going back to the wild life because of all the hurtful thing that they circus had done to the lions also because they won’t be able to survive. So they will be in better homes for them and hopefully they can be treated better. My opinion of this article is it very emotional and hard to think about because no animal is good to be treated like that ever. All animals should be treated the same.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

The victory against St Kent

“Man I’m I pumped I can’t wait to get on the field”. Kick off time and everyone in my team  were nervous . When the referee blew the whistle so the opposition team kicked the ball straight to I caught the ball and tried to use my speed to get around the opposition team. Then the opposition tackled me. After he got me to ground all my props came in  like a scrum and smashed the other team. When we had won the ball Noah fired the ball straight to Siaosi then he did a hospital pass straight to Temauri but he caught lucky. Then off goes Temuri running like a flash running around the team. “Yeah Temauri scored a beautiful try”. Oh no it’s up to me to get the conversion. “Okay Alfa just take your time okay”. I took a deep breath and then I kicked. I was watching the ball of where it went and It just went under the crossbar.

The 1st half finished and we are winning 45 - 37. We were talking about what we did right on the first half. As we set up I look to the left and all I see is our cheerleader Mr Jacobson cheering for our team. We all setup to kick the ball, As soon as Siaosi kicked we all chased for the ball. When the opposition caught I came flying in like a hot rocket and smashed the person who caught the ball. He had to get sent off because I broke his ribs like a twig. The game went on and we had a scrum, The scrum looked like two german tanks about to have a face down. They had turned it over and they passed it straight to their winger and off he went. I tried to chase him down but he was just too fast. So they leveled the score 45 - 45.

Only 5mins to go and it’s a draw. My team had played their hearts outs but the referee keeped on denying our try. "Um sure the St Kent coach payed the ref to cheat before the game". So I told the boys to keep their head and to hang their. Oh no only 10 seconds to go and we had the ball on the half way. So Noah pass the ball straight to me and I did a drop kick. At that moment everyone thought that I had missed but then it curved in and just made It in And I had one the game for my team. Everyone jumped on and gave me a big hug. I was really really happy about our Especially if you won the game for your team. I was their “SUPER HERO”. THE END