Thursday, 24 March 2016

Why do I like Easter.

What does Easter mean to me.? Easter to me means that it’s a day that we celebrate the day when Jesus rose from Joseph's tomb. Also Easter to me is that it is a day that we are sad but on the other hand we are joyful at the same and when we go to church and  pray to the lord and thank him for what he has be doing for all these years like keeping us safe and just guiding us through the good track.

Also Easter to me is when my whole family have a big feast after church. I love Easter because we have bible studies. We also have Sunday School and learn about why we have Easter every year. On Easter we are not allowed to to play any sports also we have a family meeting.

I love Easter is well because every Friday my parents fast and just thank the lord for being with them. On Easter I say my own little prayer just thanking him for giving me talent also for just being with me through hard times and good times also when I’m happy or if I’m happy about something.

So that is why I love Easter so much. So now the question to you now is why do you like Easter.

Monday, 14 March 2016


All about me

Hi there this is my visual mihi about me and what my hobbies are also from were I come from. Which is the Kingdom of Tonga. I hope that you like my mihi.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Axis Y,X for the stag

The Stag

This week Our learning for reading was about the stag. The stag was about Steve and his uncle and friends go out hunting for a big stag which is like a deer. Thank you for reading my post And I hope you like It. thank you.