Thursday, 1 December 2016

Science experiment

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There is an ugly feeling around team 5 on monday afternoon at Pt england school, Mrs Tele’a is very frustrated from sending kids home and growling Siaosi countless times. Do we trust or believe that the experiment would go right or wrong? We are currently collecting our equipment and resources for this mystery experiment. I’m curious and nervous at the same time. As I was walking back to class I was thinking of a hypothesis or a prediction toward this mystery experiment and hoping this exercise would be a success. The aim of this experiment is to see what everyday materials are flammable.
As soon as I got back to class I quickly hopped on my netbook to research about the experiment that we are going to do. The experiment required some deodorant from you local supermarket and a lighter. It is now time to do the experiment, everyone is excited but really they don't even know what is gonna hit them. Mrs Tele’a’s assistant Siaosi was gathering the equipment for the experiment. As soon as siaosi was ready he got the deodorant and lighter, He lit the lighter and placed the deodorant towards the lighter. It formed a flamethrower.
Everyone was happy that the experiment went to plan but the only person that wasn't happy was Siaosi. He found that everyone was laughing at him but he had no idea that his eyebrows and eyelashes were burnt off.
A few months later Siaosi eventually grew back his eyebrows and eyelashes. From that day everyone called him poko face. I felt sorry for Siaosi so I looked after him and protected him so that he can feel happy. My opinion is that this science experiment has to be one of the most hilarious experiments ever.