Thursday, 27 November 2014

2014 Athletics

“Have you participated in athletics before”? Pt England had their  athletics. Mr Burt  was going to say the prayer but It rained on our course so we all gathered up and Mr Burt told us to bow our heads and closed our eyes for an opening prayer. After Miss Va'afusuaga dismissed all the year groups went to there first event.

Year 5 boys first event was hurdles and ladders.We had to tiptoe through the ladder and then we had to try and jump the hurdles.It was kind of easy but the part that people struggled with was  when you had to jump over  the hurdels. But I still made it back.

After a while of doing ladder’s and hurdles the year 5 boys went to the next event.There next event was the shot put. Shot put was alright,” I thought to myself.Our next event was the high jump when we got there Miss King said “people that are confident on the right and the not so much confident on the left side.” So basicly It was split up into two groups .

FINALLY!!!! It’s time for the year 5 to do there sprints and I’m ready and pumped for this.I know I can only do my best.We lined up got set then the clappers banged and I ran my heart out as if I was running like a lion to score the winning try in my league game.

I felt really good about myself and proud even though I came second.Next time I can do only better.I enjoyed every minute of it with my friend and teacher.  

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Honey maker's

We are learning to use relevant parts of the text to accurately answer questions.


Object (non-human)
Action/ Verb
Apple pie.jpg

(apple pie example)
The apple pie was calling my name

The apple pie stared at me, calling my name
Basic digital alarm clock
alarm clock
Well I was sleeping I could hear the alarm clock shout at me.

The alarm clock was screaming at me to go to school.
File:The thunder and
well I was sleeping I could hear the thunder rumbling.

the thunder was roaring and crackling was I was sleeping.  

Friday, 7 November 2014


2. Explain what a boomerang is (using your ideas from the story) A boomerang Is when you chuck It and It comes back to you

3. Was Jeff important to Kerry? Explain why or why not.Yes jeff was Important to Kerry because Jeff helped Kerry build things   

4. It doesn’t tell us in the story but give one reason as to why you think Jeff went back to Australia.Jeff went back to go and do his Job and to fix the ditch in the tasmanian sea

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Twister

4th Ashley tells her friends she's scared of the Twister.1
2nd Mrs. Grayson announced that the first check-in is in one hour.
1st The bus pulls into the amusement park.
3rd Michelle suggests going on a different ride.
5th Michelle and Ashley sit in front of the roller coaster.

2. Which statement about Michelle is true? (Highlight your answer)
a. She got sick last time she was on a roller coaster.
b. She has never been on a roller coaster before.
c. She dislikes the slow climb at the beginning of a roller coaster ride.
d. She doesn't mind the slow climb to the top of a roller coaster, but she doesn’t like when it speeds up

Fill in the missing letters to create a word from the story.

Then, write the full word on the line.
1. Agonize: It gave her time to agonize over the big drop and loop
clue: fret; become worried
2. Remember: Miss Grayson said to the children remember our check is in 1 hour
clue: antonym for forget
3. Headed: Ashley said that they are going to head over to the twister
clue: went towards
4.Operator: The Operator is who looks after the roller-coaster
clue: person who controls a machine

  1. At the end of the story, does Michelle really want to go on the rollercoaster, or is she only going because Ashley is forcing her to? How do you know? Explain your answer

The Answer is: Machelle Did go on the rollercoaster

Listening and Drawing

Draw a squiggly line across on the bottom third of your page

Draw a straight line on the top third of your page

Draw a circle in the top left corner

Draw three clouds in the top third of your page

Draw a bucket underneath the squiggly line of the left

Draw an umbrella on the right of the bucket

Draw a boy wearing shorts and a tshirt in the middle on the bottom of your page

Draw another boy on the right next to the first boy you’ve drawn

Draw a beach ball in the middle of the two boys

Write your name in the top right corner