Thursday, 30 April 2015

Awesome Technology Invented by Teacher

Image result for makey makeyWALT:write a lead paragraph of a news report

Today thursday 30th of april at Pt England school.the teacher of room 6 literacy class was introduced  the new technology called a makey makey technology.The makey makey technology Then Our teacher was connecting the cables to his laptop and the we watched him play tetris.
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today we wrote  3 to 5 sentences for our literacy and learnt how to write a report writing

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bottle rockets

Walt: know that other people might take a different judgement from the same information.

For this reading task we read a text and them make a opinion.

Immersion assembly

Walt: use different types of sentences to improve writing

Have you ever seen your teacher’s in a videogame before? in our first day back at school our whole school got together after our school holidays  and we all had a immersion assembly. The cool thing about a immersion assembly is that all the teams always has an act to play, and teachers sometimes provide food and there is always has crazy thing’s happening.

When we walked to the hall we all sat down and I saw Mrs Nua, Mr Burt, Mrs Garden and some of the prefects were baking some pikelets and s’mores. Mr Burt said that the food is only for people that sit up. Another thing that was happening was a drone helicopter that was controlled by a samsung galaxy via bluetooth .

When it was team 4’s turn to present something our team had our teachers in a video game. The video game was based on one guy that would walk sideways and each level will have a bad guy, he would have to try and defeat them. So at the end he dies and the funny thing is that he gets slapped by the fish then it say GAME OVER.

Now it was Mr Barks turn to share some of the spotlight. So he jumped on the stage and got this weird object. It was a circle with a hole, after about 5mins he grabbed a leaf blower then he inserted it in that hole. Mr Barks then asked for a volunteer and so Mr sommerville came on the stage and sat on the object. Mr sommerville was pulling the trigger of the leaf blower. So the object was a hovercraft because it was floating mid air And everyone was so amazed.

At the end of our immersion assembly every one stood up and left of to their classes. This by far was the best first day at school.

Mr goodwin gave us a task to write about our school immersion assembly and about our first day back fromschool

We will remember them

The day before Anzac day Pt England school went outside and stood in front of the field of remembrance.To remember the people that died in world war 1 trying to defend our countries .

for this task we had to write one paragraph about the info we found about ANZAC.


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The awsome year 5/6 camp

Matapono E 2015 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Have you ever had an opportunity to sleep at school in tents? well our year 5 and 6 at Pt England school had their camp. Our camp was for 3 days and 2 night.

Our year 5 and 6 camp is an event  which we have ever year for the year 5 and 6’s. This has been going on 25 years now  and some of our parents was at camp back in the days. Each morning we started off with Jump Jam and Just dance before breakfast. Teachers plan fun activities for us throughout the whole day until 7:00 before we have dinner and get ready for bed.

One of my favorite highlights was Kayaking. First our group got changed into our togs then we started to walk down to the beach. When we got there Mr Burt was there to give us some safety tips and to give us some instruction. After Mr finished talking we all had to put on our lifejacket. I went on a single kayak it was fun but then your arms get a little tired after a while. When everyone had a turn we packed up for the next group to have their turn. It was great fun for me.

My second favorite highlight was the Mangere Pools. I was sad It was the last day but it was really fun. when all the team’s got to pools we all sat down in the front so they can tell us about the rules and the boundary. After that we all walked to the outdoor pools. Then we all got changed and had morning tea. When we jumped in the pool it was freezing cold. After a while we went into the bombing34zsw pool It was AWESOME. I did 3 back flips and heaps of Mangere bombs
I felt very exhausted after camp and when I got home I had a very long nap because of how exhausted I was. It was a very fun and cool experience at camp

When I was at camp I I was a camp leader for my team.and a team leader it is a very job being a team leader