Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Spirit of the birds

Three wise Tongans

Once upon a time their was a teenager named Joshua and his little sister Aaliyah also his parents Luke and Sarah, they were all Tongans. One day when Joshua was walking to the shop he saw this girl he thought that she was very pretty. After a while he saw her again but on the bus. Joshua was ear droping because that girl  and her friends was having a conversation. Then Joshua heard that she only likes Islander boys that know how to climb a coconut tree in, mow the lawns also all the things that you would do back in the Islands. But Joshua knew that he couldn't do all those things. So Joshua found a way to get a ticket to go Tonga and learn the island way.
When Joshua  arrived to Tonga he meet his two cousins Joseph and Elijah. When Joshua meet his cousins he was surprised  because he’s never seen them befor only in baby photos. And the other reason is because they were dirty and smelled very bad. Joshua felt very bad about his cousin but he didn't what say anything because he might make them feel sad and hurt about himself. So when his two cousins took them to their fale in the village of Vava'u. Then he explained why he was here because he wanted to be a true Islander. So they said “Okay then we will help you be an Islander but you make sure listen and do what we tell you to do and to pay us back in the future” . Then the next morning Joshua woke up his cousin and said that he is ready, so his first activity was trying to climb a coconut tree  and get some nice and juicy coconuts but Joshua tried and tried and still coulden’t climb a coconut so Joshua got very frustrated. So then their second activity was to cat the leaves with a machete, even that was hard for Joshua so Elijah said to Joseph that Joshua is hopeless quietly to Joseph ear but Joshua overheard them and so he got really angry and so he got a ticket back to auckland and flew back the next day without even saying good bye.
But when Joshua got back to Auckland he was still angry at his cousins. So when he got to his parent house he told them the story of why he came back so soon. The look in his parents eyes was disappointed because they thought that he was gonna learn something in tonga but they said to Joshua Why did you even wanted to their for. But Joshua stayed quiet for a moment then his parent asked him again but in a angry voice and so Joshua said “It was for a girl all I ever wanted was to be cool for a girl”. And now he tries to do everything that he tried back in Tonga with his cousin so he apologised to his parent and he went back to Tonga and did the right thing which was to apologise and to say thank you to his cousin back in Tonga.

Monday, 15 February 2016


Malo e lelei my name is Alfa  and welcome to my blog. I am a year 7 student at Pt England School and my teacher for this year is  Mrs Tele’a. My interests are sports, maths, writing, and also I like going fishing. My goals for this year are getting top marks in class and to do my very best in everything I do at school. I’m the youngest out of three siblings and I’m the only boy and I have two sister their ages are 12 and 15. My favourite fast foods are Burger King, KFC, also Mcdonald's. For sports I love playing rugby league. The team I play for is Otahuhu Blue Leopards. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoined.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

My Goals for 2016

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In 2015 my Goal was to make sure that I get sportsmen of the year. Which I did achieve and I was so happy about my achievement. my other goal was to make sure that I can get better at my writing. Which I did well in when aswell.When I got my end of year report. So that means that I achieved what I wanted to achieve.

But my goals for 2016 is to make sure that I get good marks for class. And to do my best at everything I do at school. Also to try and get sportsmen of the year again. As well as my last goal which is also to  get player of the year at club rugby. So this is all my goals that I wish to achieve in 2016.