Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Michael Phelps

Olympic narrative

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“Oooooh and off goes the reigning champion Bolt with a very slow start”. Finally he has caught up to Justin Gatlin from behind. As Bolt caught up to Gatlin the race was unpredictable. Can Justin Gatlin finally beat Usain Bolt for the 2nd time in his running career?

Bolt looks he is gonna lose the 100m sprint in the 2012 London Olympics. Although Bolt is known as the fastest man in the world, Maybe in 2012 Olympics he can get proven that he is not the only fastest man in the world. As the race is going all the athletes are starting to give up, Now it is just Gatlin and Bolt.

They were coming down to the last 50m and Gatlin is still in the the lead.40m to go and every athlete is gonna use all their energy, 30m to go and Bolt is just losing. “ Ooh an out of nowhere Bolt is now in the lead with 20m left of the track. The reigning champion is back in the lead!!!. As bolt is running he can hear his coach Glen Mills shouting on the side saying “ Come on Bolt lets make your family and your country proud by bringing home a gold medal”.

Bolt is only 10m away from that nice and shiny gold medal but the other athletes have already given up.Usain bolt is already celebrating before he has finished his race in the 2012 olympics. Usain Bolt Has won his 2nd Gold medal of the 100m sprint. The Jamaican athlete has proved to the world that  He is  the fastest man in the WORLD!!!.

This writing is not true its a narrative writing  


Thursday, 11 August 2016

History about the Olympics!!!

For this task we had oppertunitys to find and read about Olympics. Then we had to make a prsentaion and just write about what we had read. I found this task very fun because we were able to chose what we wanted to research about. Hope you like my work and leave a comment

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Bumpy Road To 2016 Rio Olympics

For this task we had to read about the hard journey to the 2016 Rio Olympics. Then we had to write about all the things that are happening in the Olympics like the Zika virus, Polluted water and also things about the government. Hope you like my work and leave a comment

Monday, 1 August 2016

2016 Remuera Walter Dickson

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Hi guys this is my 2016 Remuera Walter Dickson team. this is a representative team of  all east Auckland. I was fortunate enough to go and trial for this team. we had three trials, and in the trials our coach told us that he is not looking for individual work, he is looking for teamwork. And so when the trials were finished he named the finale 22 - 24 that had made it in to the finale team. I got named at hooker which surprising because I had never ever been there in my rugby career also because this was my first ever year playing rugby union and I never had experience with me as well. So when the team got named we all started to train, our training were at kings prep on a Wednesday and collage rifles on a sunday. Finally tournament time hopefully our training have payed off. " I could tell by the way that my team was nervous but I was ready".

This photo was taken before or games. After tournament we can 7th, But after the boys got changed we announced the kids who got to trial for Auckland East Roller mills. And so I was lucky to get a envelope, So now I have made it in to the East roller mills. This is really big because only 23 kids from the whole of Auckland get to play in this team and because this a Auckland representative team and so I'm really proud of my self. Also my family is proud of me.

I hope you like my story and leave me a comment.