Tuesday, 31 March 2015

River talks

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

The distinguished Omaru creek is sad because back in the days kids and adults was able to swim in the creek and the fishes were able roam free. But now people can't swim and the water is not clear it is green and paru. What can we do about it and how are we going to clean our Omaru creek?

Learning about our Omaru creek is a very good experience. and we should do something about like encouraging people to help us to clean the creek. So if you see someone chucking any rubbish in the creek tell them to pick up and put it in the bin.

Friday, 6 March 2015

My holiday recount

In the holidays me and my Dad and Grandad went floundering. Before we went floundering we had to get prepared. So what we had to do was to get some materials which was a medium size stick,some spearheads and something to wrap it together.

We then had a nap just so we can have some energy. Then we woke up about 1:00 am that was very early. I was a little bit tired but I was excited at the same time. The area that we went to floundering was at the Glendowie boat club.

When we first walked in the water my feet felt icy cold it was cold and dark so the only thing we use to see was a torch. when I was walking through the cold water I was trying to spot a fish with my grandad on my left and my dad on my right. In my head I was trying to picture the fish of what color it was how it swims and what the scales look like. While we were walking my grandad spotted a flounder and so he called me over and said it to me in Tongan “you can catch the first one”. That made me happy because I get to catch my first ever flounder.

While we were walking through the cold water I could feel it getting deeper and deeper coming up to my ankle and knees. Then when my Dad and I turned around we spotted an eel so my Dad asked me for the spear and I gave it. My Dad had strike the eel and caught it around the head area. when we caught It I had to hold it so we can poke the sharp long nail into it the eel It was very slippery and slimy and it was an arm length so it was hard to hold we eventually we caught it.

When I got home I felt stocked and very happy that I got to have this experience. I took some photos after we got home then I went for a nice hot shower and then went to sleep because we got home at 6:00 am.


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Possum on the roof Advice blog

W.A.L.T look beyond the text

 For this task I learnt how to give advice about animals and to be safe. This was a task which we could decorate but not to use any themes and to create our own design.