Tuesday, 24 May 2016


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Today we watched a video of Reggie explaining his past and talking about how he was in foster care when he was a little boy. Also how his mum took him to her favourite school teacher instead of keeping Reggie but she kept her other kids. Now I'm gonna tell you three ways to care about people. Number 1 So'o Tauau which mean joining shoulders and care about them, Number 2 having your friends back when they need you Evan when through hard and good times, And number 3 caring about someone that you don't know because we want this world to be a better place.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Swimming With Sharks

Swimming with sharks is dangerous.   A teenage girl from the village of Mo'unga'one would not agree.   This week we read a story that related to a  legend.  The legend meant people from a village could swim with sharks and be safe.

We had to think about the different characters and why they responded the way they did.   I had to put myself in their shoes to see how they felt.   

I've learned that legends can sometimes give people confidence and also make them feel safe where some people would feel scared and in danger.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Term 2 immersion assembly 2016

“Welcome everyone it’s nice to be back at school.”  This morning we had our school immersion assembly which we have every first day back from the school. Which means that we are in term 2 and only 2 more terms to go. Each team always has things that they do each term.

For team 1 they short movie was about all their favorite things. Each teacher from team one had a chance each to show what their favorite things. The first teacher that showed her favorite things. Which was Mrs George she showed that her favorite things was her family and also her favorite chocolate was hokey pokey chocolate. Their whole movie was funny and also very interesting. I really liked team 1’s movie.

Out of all the teams I think that best team was team 4. What I liked about team 4s movie because they are very creative with their movie. The name of the movie was called Teacher - Vengers. The story was similar to avengers but just a teacher version. The characters in the movies were Wondering Women, Bat Guy, Teacher Leader America and also Amateur Heros. And the bad guy was Bear Baxendine. Bear Baxendine tried to steal all the chromebooks but then all the  teacher-vengers came and defeated bear Baxendine. THE END.

The whole immersion assembly went pretty well. And I am looking forward to this term 2.