Wednesday, 21 September 2016

All Blacks - Narrative.

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“And they have done it again”. As the All Blacks defeat Australia 28 - 21 with the winning try in the last dying minutes of the game. After the sensational, breathtaking game both teams went back to their changing room either celebrating or  other case feeling down that they never won the final for nation. A while later the teams when out and prepared to get their awards.

“And I would like to announce the runners up for the 2015 world cup AUSTRAILIA”. When the Australians when up to get their  award the captain Stephen Moore said a short and short speech. “Now the Reigning champions The All Blacks”. As the All Black go up all you can is the audience is shouting with joy and excitement ( probably the supporters back in New Zealand is shouting at the T.V with Joy as well as the supporters who came overseas to supporters us).

And now it’s the time we have been waiting for and Richie Mccaw has the honors to lift the cup up one last time. All the his team then bring out the wine and beer and pop it as they were celebrating on the podium. When they finished celebrating they all went the separate ways and then the next day they had a fitness test just so that when they play other teams they can play at a high tempo and run around their opposition.

And finally the international season has come to an end. With a lot of history been made. This year's world cup has been very successful. And I can’t wait for the next World cup, Hopefully they could have the world cup in the pacific islands.  


  1. Hi Alfa I like your writing it is cool

  2. Hi Alfa,
    I really liked your intro, it was an interesting story to read. I also liked the way you used vocabulary.

    Keep up the Awesome work!!